You, Too, Can Play with Star Wars Holograms


When Star Wars first invaded pop culture in 1977, we dreamt of leaping into a world where lightsabers, starships and blasters were things we could actually experience firsthand.

Today, in a world where real burning lightsabers do actually exist, even more tangible Star Wars-inspired tech devices are on the way.

Remember the scene where a holographic Princess Leia is pleading for Obi-Wan Kenobi’s help? What about that holographic game that C3PO and Chewbacca play in A New Hope? The device that displays these holographs is now a reality. Introducing: Voxiebox.

Voxiebox is the creation of Voxon Photonics, an Australia and US-based company that develops glasses-free 3D and holographic technology. While most tech investors and entrepreneurs look to Oculus Rift, 4K television and virtual reality technology as the future of 3D experiences, Voxiebox takes the holographic displays we’ve seen in fan-favorite science fiction tales like Star Wars and Star Trek and makes them real.


The technology is much simpler than you might imagine. Voxiebox contains a projector that beams an image up onto a screen, which vibrates up and down at a rapid speed. This vibration allows the image to appear as if it is a holographic image.

Now, this technology isn’t exactly ready for casual usage at home. It’s still fairly new and certainly too expensive, even for wealthy consumers. For the time being, though, Voxiebox is aiming to make its way into arcades.

Perhaps with improved technology and sharpened images, Voxiebox could be a new medium for playing board games. Imagine holographic Monopoly, holographic Sorry! or holographic Clue. (You could actually recreate a murder scene! Imagine watching a holographic Mrs. Peacock beating Mr. Boddy with a wrench. Yikes.)

Voxon Photonics isn’t alone in its quest to create real holographic displays, but they are certainly one of the leading companies in the game. The project began as a gaming medium, but it’s clear that the device’s potential is far greater. In fact, Voxon is talking to SpaceX about using Voxiebox as a method of designing satellite parts.

Where will Voxiebox go next? Only Obi-Wan Kenobi knows.

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