New Haven


That message resonated around Cool Breeze Music in the Park, sponsored by Comcast and hosted by New Haven’s local radio station 94.3FM. The event brought song, dance, poetry and motivational speaking to the local community at the city’s De Gale Field.

The theme of the afternoon came in many ways. A young woman preached to the crowd to never give up on your dreams, no matter how big they might be. Growing up in the community and attending the local high school on the other side of the park, she told the crowd that mindset enabled her to open up her own cosmetology boutique and even host a fashion show.

In another case, a local man poetically versed a rap into a message for his belief in god. He told the crowd to carry that belief with them, be blessed with life, and cherish family and friends. The crowd reacted with cheers and applause, uniting the message.

While part of the afternoon took on a serious tone, it was mashed together with local food and live entertainment. Food trucks dotted the park, many of which were local business in the area.

Rahsaan Langley Project

Rahsaan Langley Project

The crowd was entertained by Rahsaan Langley Project. The area band played oldie’s hits from Chaka Kahn to Luther Vandross, getting onlookers of all ages to get on their feet and dance. In fact, their popularity has landed them a popular slot on 94.3 FM for area residents to listen to.

While the band has played nationally, it was a fitting conclusion to the day’s central message. It tied together the importance for a community to spread love and unity through a variety of outlets. It brought spectators together who might have begun the day as complete strangers.

Maybe its bottom line is it tied together a community into a family, enlightening themselves and one another through inspirations. A family now ready to take on all challenges that come before them.

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