How Do You Get Through Mondays? Put Your Wi-Fi to Work!

Photo: Mike Licht / Flickr

Ugh, Mondays.

Unfortunately, Mondays are an inevitable price we pay for simply being alive. Because life without Wi-Fi is increasingly rare, however, that first day of the week back at work is a little more bearable, no matter what type of office you use.

Here are some tips for how to put your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot to good use, whether the results are actually helpful or if they just bring a smile to your face. Either way, it’s better than dealing with Monday.

Find the closest brewery or beer garden to hit after work.

Actually, we’re willing to bet that you’ve already been to the closest one. In that case, go on an adventure and find a new place to check out. You’ll have it in your artillery of happy hour options for many Mondays to come.

Save an episode of your weekend binge-watch to look forward to during your lunch break.

Yes, it might have killed you to go to bed without watching that last episode of Dexter last night, but think about how happy you made today’s version of yourself. Not only do you have some quality entertainment to break up the boring minutiae of your day, but you also got an extra hour of sleep last night. Give yourself a high five.

Learn how to say “coffee” in another language, because why not?

Then get yourself some coffee, because you probably need it.

Challenge yourself to Google every single reference made by a coworker that you don’t understand all day long.

Is someone talking about a weird Star Trek language, or a celebrity meme that popped up over the weekend? The more nerds you’re surrounded by, the more time you’ll kill.

Engage a friend in a Snapchat war.

Compete to take the ugliest selfie or find the most random object in your immediate surroundings, and then quiz each other on the ins and outs of whatever featured live story Snapchat is offering today.

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be bearable.

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