How to Make Your College Pad Into the Ultimate Hangout Spot

We’re willing to bet that college students who recently returned to campus are already in need of a well-deserved break after a month back on the grind.

While professors assign exams, research papers and stacks of reading, students will be looking for an escape. After all, scientists have proven that taking study breaks expands the mind, increasing one’s capacity to learn.

Luckily, we have some entertainment services in mind for students to maximize relaxation in their dorm or apartment.

For music enthusiasts, a streaming service may be one of your best options to relieve stress. We recommend Spotify, which provides more than three million song choices, and countless podcasts and videos.

Pump those jams.

Pump those jams.

Spotify is now offering their premium service to students for just $4.99 — 50 percent of its regular cost. The service allows users to sync up to 3,333 songs on three devices for a total of nearly 10,000 songs. If you’re still unsure, try their 30-day free trial.

With all of your favorite music now at your fingertips, you’ll need a portable Bluetooth speaker to enjoy the tunes wherever you travel on or off campus. For Yale University students gathering on the New Haven Green or in front of Sterling Memorial Library, the Nuu Wake speaker is for you.

The powerful two-woof speaker is waterproof and weighs less than three pounds. The Wake’s battery life spans up to seven hours, and the speaker even floats.

Our friends to the north in Middletown studying at Wesleyan University returned this fall to dormitories equipped with Xfinity On Campus, a new service on site. The cost for the service is included with room and board for students living in one of Wesleyan’s eight residential halls.

The service not only allows students to watch TV, but it also provides Xfinity On Demand and recording capabilities to their devices. That includes their laptop, tablets, smartphones and, new this year, Roku players.

More than 80 live channels are available to students on all of their devices, with major broadcasts including AMC, Bravo, Comedy Central, ESPN and MTV, among others, at their disposal.

A simple upgrade allows students to access premium channels like HBOShowtime and STARZ, as well as premium sports entertainment packages.

Must watch one more episode.

Must watch one more episode.


“Bringing Xfinity on Campus to Wesleyan University is a true game-changer for their students,” said Michael Parker, regional senior vice president for Comcast’s Western New England Region. “We know that this young generation of viewers consumes content while on the move, at their convenience, and across multiple devices.

“Xfinity on Campus meets this need, and serves as a nice value-add for students residing on campus,” Parker said.

Last year, Yale and Quinnipiac students were introduced to the convenience of Xfinity on Campus when the university signed up for the entertainment bundle, which connects those traveling off campus by using the Xfinity Stream app to watch TV everywhere. University of Hartford also employs the service.

Students living off campus were able to enroll in an exclusive back-to-school offer for Xfinity TV and Internet.

Need some tips about the best places to binge watch your favorite TV shows around New Haven and the Yale campus? We’ve got you covered.

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