Meet the App Making it Easy to Protect Kids Online


By Julia Tolstrup

Tell us if this scenario sounds familiar.

As the mother of three rambunctious boys aged seven, eight and ten, Jayne is a full-time parent and extremely involved in her children’s lives, both at home and at school. Like many parents, though, she struggles to manage her boys’ digital behavior.

Jayne sets firm limits for her electronic enthusiasts. They are kept to a strict weekend-only diet of gaming, and devices go off after breakfast on weekend days until 4:30 p.m. The boys wake up early on those weekend days in order to get in some screen time before the lockdown, and Jayne says she suspects one of them may be sneaking in pre-dawn weekday play as well.

Besides simply managing the amount of time the boys spend with their devices, Jayne and her husband worry about what sort of content they encounter. They have parental controls in place, but the boys have managed to circumvent passwords in the past. Managing the devices is a bit of a chore for Jayne, who, like a lot of parents, finds it difficult to keep up with constantly evolving technology.

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Now, meet Sarah, a single working mother of two girls, one in high school and the other five years of age. Like Jayne, she sets limits for her older child to keep her online behavior in check. Sarah regularly checks her daughter’s text messages, and downloads and purchases are solidly off-limits. Sarah also sets limits on internet usage: Homework must be completed in order to get online, and after an hour of browsing, the device is put down for the day.

These two completely different households represent a common issue in modern parenting. Our digital world has given rise to a new set of challenges for parents concerned with their children’s exposure to inappropriate content and troubling news across the multitude of connected devices used for everyday purposes.

Trying to balance the demands of parenting is difficult enough without the added worry of keeping track of kids’ online behavior. Gone are the days when playgrounds presented the biggest unknown factors in children’s day-to-day lives. Instead, the internet—even as the wonderful, educational tool it is—is an unsteady variable in the process of raising children in a modern world.

Photo couresty of Comcast

Photo courtesy of Comcast

That’s where XFINITY xFi technology comes in. This simple and sophisticated technology allows parents to keep a lid on their kids’ digital footprint without having to spend time constantly enforcing limits. xFi addresses all of the concerns parents have, from making sure time limits are observed to monitoring and filtering content.

“Our digital world has given rise to a new set of challenges for parents concerned with their children’s exposure to inappropriate content.”

Parental controls allow parents to select who is using a particular device and control what content can be accessed. Plus, xFi lets users schedule regular WiFi blocks for specified devices so that kids aren’t online when they should be doing other things. The technology is designed to be a set of digital helping hands so that parents can focus less on fighting over devices and more on, well, everything else.

Photo courtesy of Comcast

Photo courtesy of Comcast

Remote monitoring means that parents can access their xFi account anywhere. From a mobile device, xFi customers can track their household’s WiFi usage in real time, monitor online activity and create custom profiles for each family member. This is great news for working parents like Sarah. With xFi technology, parents can confirm that their controls are in place even when they’re not home.

Jayne says she has lofty intentions of sitting down on a regular basis to go through her kids’ devices, but with three boys running the show, it’s next to impossible to find the time. With xFi, the burden of having to track activity constantly is removed.

For busy parents like Jayne and Sarah, xFi is a game-changer when it comes to keeping their families safe online.

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