By the Knowledge Green team

For 22 years, the International Festival of Arts & Ideas (IFAI) has delighted audiences with an outstanding mix of music, dance, theater, and thought-provoking speeches, most of which take place directly on the iconic New Haven Green.

Throughout the festival, we’ll be event-hopping and providing coverage of highlights and hidden gems alike, but this year, we want to hear from some extra important voices of the festival: all of you.

New Haven locals know that the true spirit of the festival lies in its celebration of diversity, inclusion and ideas born through all walks of life. Whether your heart is drawn to discussions of immigration and citizenship, lively performances of Mexican Mariachi music, celebrations of African literature or something entirely different, the International Festival of Arts & Ideas is all about the beauty of expanding our horizons as curious citizens of the world.


With that said, we have one request of you throughout the next couple of weeks: Show us what’s happening #OnTheGreen!

See someone dressed up in a Pikachu suit? Snap a pic.

Observe a random act of kindness? Tell us what moved you.  

Catch a really great sunset? Send it our way.

You get the point.

We’ll be sharing your photos and stories—along with some of our own—over the next couple of weeks as the festival takes over our city in the best possible way.

Head to Twitter and show us what you find #OnTheGreen over the course of the festival. 

See you #OnTheGreen!

Images courtesy of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas 

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